(Shanghai Tower viewed from above)

Shanghai, China, with 26 million people is the 3rd most populous city on planet Earth. Host to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, one of China’s two stock exchanges with a market capitalization of over 33 trillion yuan (5 trillion US dollars), and home to 46 of the world’s billionaires. As an ancient trading port, it was also home to many people from all over the world. The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, China’s first symphony orchestra, was founded in 1897.

The second tallest building in the world, Shanghai Tower, rises 2,073 feet from the sidewalk. Its elevators have been clocked at 47 mph, the better to reach up to the 128th floor without too much of a wait. It has its own water and air purification systems, its own trees and parks, its own schools and residences. And yes, its own concert hall.

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